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Virtual CIO

Is your business leadership restructuring? Does your business need a little more direction or focus on its IT environment, but doesn’t want to make a big commitment of hiring someone? Packet Brigade Virtual CIO is your best option. Your virtual CIO will bring an objective, independent perspective on advancing the goals and agenda of your senior management.


How Virtual CIO Works

Phase 1: Month 1 – 3

In depth assessment, analysis, and planning

  • Current technology capabilities and gaps discovery
  • IT workload – workforce skill match analysis
  • Assessment of IT and business alignment
  • Three year strategic plan draft
    • Address gaps and establish competitive advantages
    • Align IT to business architecture and goals


Phase 2: Month 4 – 12

Executing strategic plan

  • Management of projects that align IT to business and address gaps
  • Oversees workforce rightsizing (requisition, hiring, layoffs, etc.)
  • Motivates professional development and training to grow staff capabilities
  • Executed strategic plan
  • Monthly progress report to board or C-level